Teaching Philosophy

20-word personal belief statement:
Trust the learner.
Trust the process.
Support the teacher.
Design the environment.
Embrace Excellence.
Build community wherever you go.

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Blogs & Writing

Current blogs include: http://farmlearning.wordpress.com/ & http://teach4aliving.com/

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Personalized Learning Plan
My guiding beliefs of this living document are: 1. The framework must fit on a single page.
2. The framework must be malleable- it must fit the tools the students are using on a daily basis.

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Collaborative Design

What is learning? And what do we believe about kids to be true? These are my guiding questions for this school year.

I work with teams of people to make new learning environments.

Want to collaborate?
Email: teach4aliving at gmail . com to make an inquiry.

Each school year, I work with one District or school.
Find me on Twitter @Teach4aLiving